The world's first B2B influencer marketplace

The world's first B2B influencer marketplace

The world's first B2B influencer marketplace


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At present we only work with influencers with a significant network. Apply to join and our team will review your profile and get back to you ASAP.

Create your InfluencerActive profile

Once you are approved, create your online profile and setup your account so that we can pay you.

Create a listing

Let potential customers know how you can help them by creating a listing. You could promote a brand or product or help launch a new service.

How it works

InfluencerActive is the world’s most powerful influencer marketplace. We directly connect brands with B2B influencers.

Respond to a customer brief

Customers will book a service from you from your listing. You choose to accept or reject the brief and engage with customers directly through the marketplace.

Post and get paid

After completing your post (or event), let your customer know so they can mark your booking complete. After a couple of days, check your bank or PayPal account to confirm payment. Easy!

​Millions of people use the social web on a daily basis to build their networks, connect with like minded business leaders and grow their professional knowledge. Now brands can access the leaders who have made these business networks the most influential network on the planet.

About our influencers

ActiveInfluencers on our platform are constantly working to grow their networks and build trust and engagement with their communities. This takes time and commitment. With decades of online experience, each of our ActiveInfluencers understand what works within their networks – understanding the topics, technical details and timings that combine to create high performing content.

This means that when you work with one of our ActiveInfluencers, you are working with a highly regarded expert.



“InfluencerActive put me in touch with the perfect person to help launch our brand on the global stage."

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