Congratulations! You’ve got your first booking – now what?

You will already have:

And now you’ve received a message that will let you know that a customer is interested in your listing.

As shown here, the message will link to your listing (hyperlinked in blue),

The message will also explain:

1. That you need to accept or reject the request within 3 days

2. You will receive the payment directly into your account (or into your PayPal account)

3. You won’t be paid if you don’t accept the request.


Accepting the request

Let’s say that you’d like to know more about the request before accepting:

  • Click the blue button that says Click here to respond to the request
  • Use the system to send a message to the customer. We recommend the following:

“Thanks for your interest in my listing. Before accepting, can you tell me a little more about your request?
Please use the form here and I will review and get back to you.

OR – you can just send a link to the Media Upload form at

After you send the message, you will receive a full briefing (and hopefully) a media link for you to post via email.

Please note: Using this form allows us to keep your email address private.

To accept the request, either check your InfluencerActive inbox or click the link in your original email.

Review the request and approve or reject the request.

It is as simple as that!