One of the great features of LinkedIn is its built-in polls. These instant, one question polls are a fabulous way of quickly gathering insight, taking a pulse check on particular topics or simply engaging an audience on a topic.

At InfluencerActive, we are always interested in learning more about brands and the way that they work with influencers. With this in mind, we posed a question – “What help do you need to do more influencer marketing?”

The poll had a reach of over 277,000, receiving almost 4000 votes.

Spot analysis – influencer marketing

Many of the 100+ comments received to this poll saw strong commentary towards content, although this may reflect personal and professional interests. Over 50% of respondents indicated that strategy is a challenge. With this in mind, we would recommend:

  • Setting out clear goals for your overall marketing strategy. For example:
    • Increasing brand awareness in our key segments by 20%
    • Generating 20 new leads per day via our website
    • Improving website traffic by 10% per month
  • Deciding whether influencer marketing is a contributor or driver of the goal. This means testing the timing and content of your influencer marketing in relation to your customer journeys