As a business owner, no doubt you will have heard of “influencers” and the promise they bring of riches, brand awareness and a fat sales pipeline. But even if you ARE interested in engaging influencers, where do you start? What should you expect? And how do you best engage them?

With over 150 global business influencers on the InfluencerActive platform now, we have learned that there are some very important steps that business owners can take to maximize their impact and the quality of the returns on their influencer investment.

And we’d like to share these lessons with you.

On Wednesday, 27 May 2021, we are hosting our first free webinar that will reveal insights and answers to these questions and more. Be sure to check Eventbrite for the time and date in your location!

Specifically you will learn:

  • Where to find influencers for your brand (and how it is usually done)
  • When to use influencers for maximum impact
  • How to find the most relevant influencers
  • What you should expect when you work with influencers.

We want to hear from you!

There are plenty of lessons and insights that we can share from our perspective, but what would you like to hear? What do you need to know about influencers? Leave a comment below and we’ll add your question to our webinar. Remember to register for the webinar link and reminders.

Meet the presenters

Guiding you through this webinar is InfluencerActive, CEO, Anthony J James and COO, Gavin Heaton.

  • Anthony is the CEO of InfluencerActive, and is well known for his entrepreneurial vision, creativity and flair for commercialising innovative ideas. He has been responsible for sales, marketing and communications for large enterprises, as well global agencies. He was named as The Most Influential Thought Leader in the Asia-Pacific, 2018 and #1 Marketing & Advertising Professional in Australia on LinkedIn.
  • Gavin is the COO of InfluencerActive. He advises on strategy, marketing, product development and innovation.