Over the last two years, LinkedIn has seen significant growth. This is, in part, due to the impact of the pandemic –¬† with the work from home workforce relying on digital communications, platforms and marketing tools to drive their business growth more than ever before. This means that B2B marketers must double down on their digital expertise.

A recent LinkedIn article reveals that LinkedIn membership now tops 774 million, and represents a powerful channel to engage and activate audiences. Put frankly, for almost every product, LinkedIn is home to your B2B buyer. Little wonder that the LinkedIn advertising business has grown more than 5x over the past five years.

Of course, our view is that advertising, content sharing and amplification are essential tools in the marketing toolkit, but so too are influencers. For every marketing activation, there is the opportunity for influencer-backed amplification – and right now there are dozens, if not hundreds, of hyper networked business professionals ready to help you do just that.