Customer questions

How much does it cost for an InfluencerActive activation?

The cost of an activation is set individually by each of the personalities in the InfluencerActive Marketplace.  The price will vary depending on which personality you book. The price is shown on the personality’s booking page when you make your request. The personality can change their price at any time, but you will be charged the price in effect when you book your activation. If your request has expired (for example, the personality becomes unavailable, and the personality has increased the booking price when they become available again), you would pay the new (and then current) booking price.

How do I book an InfluencerActive activation?

All of our personality can be found on the InfluencerActive Marketplace — just search our categories, pick your personality, and click the “book now” button. On our website, you can use your credit/debit card or PayPal. We will put a temporary authorization hold on your card until your activation is completed. Please see our Site Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for additional information.

How do I engage influencers?

When you make a booking (and it is accepted) you will be contacted by the influencer through your InfluencerActive Inbox. Through the Inbox you can share your briefing materials, discuss your project and track progress.

Can I update my request after I already booked an InfluencerActive activation?

Yes. Using the link in your confirmation email, you can edit or cancel your order at any time before your InfluencerActive activation has been completed.

How long will my InfluencerActive activation request take to be completed?

Our Active Influencer is given up to seven days to fulfil requests. If your request isn’t completed within seven days, it will expire, and the temporary hold on your debit/credit card will be released. Where you are booking in advance for a specific date, please advise the Active Influencer at least seven days in advance.

How will I know when my job is completed?

A link will be sent to the email that you provided when you ordered your activation. You can also check the status in your InfluencerActive Marketplace inbox.

When will I be charged for my InfluencerActive activation?

If you pay using a credit/debit card, we will put a hold on your credit/debit card as an authorization until your order is completed. Your debit/credit card will be charged:

  • When the transaction is manually marked as completed by the buyer (ie you)
  • When the transaction is manually marked as completed by an administrator
  • 90 days after the payment has been made.
What if I have already been charged, but haven’t received my booked activation yet?

If your activation was booked in the last seven days but you haven’t received it yet, we’ve only put a pre-authorization hold on your credit/debit card. This is to ensure funds are available when the Active Influencer fulfils your activation request. If it has been over seven days, please contact

How fast do I get a completed InfluencerActive activation?

All Active Influencers who offer listings on the InfluencerActive Marketplace have up to seven days to complete a request. If you have an urgent requirement, please be sure to advise the influencer at the time of booking (using the optional message system).

What happens if I am unhappy with my completed InfluencerActive activation?
Active Influencers understand their audience extremely well. If you are unhappy with your completed activation, please contact the Active Influencer directly through your inbox. If you are unable to resolve any issues please contact
Can I send the Active Influencer my product before they promote it?
Products cannot be sent from to Active Influencers for safety purposes. You are responsible for any information that you provide to the Active Influencer – please make sure your information is factually correct and not misleading, is not disparaging or defamatory, and will allow the Active Influencer to offer their own true opinion.
Can I interview a few influencers before I decide whom to work with?

Not at this stage. Most influencers will be familiar faces on your social channels. All have public profiles, and their work can been reviewed before you decide to book them. We can help connect you or follow up – but don’t at this stage, provide influencer consulting, engagement or strategy services.

Do you have any guidance on how to find the best influencer for my specific campaign?

We suggest that you choose influencers who you already know – or follow online. Or, read their bio and profile, review their social profiles and previous posts. Look to see if they are a match for your product or service.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question about InfluencerActive? We have collected some of the more frequently asked questions and answers below. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, send us a message.

General questions


What is InfluencerActive?

InfluencerActive operates the InfluencerActive Marketplace — through the Sharetribe platform — that lets users, brands and agencies book an activation as listed — from their favorite social media personality. Our mission is to build the world’s most powerful influencer marketplace.

How do I contact the InfluencerActive team?

Feel free to contact us here:

One of the InfluencerActive Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What else should I know?

You can review our Site Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for additional information.

Can I be notified when new personality joins the InfluencerActive Marketplace?

Yes. There are 2 ways to be notified when your favorite influencer joins the InfluencerActive Marketplace. You can subscribe to our newsletter, or if you request that a certain personality join via the Suggest to Join form, you can get an email after they do. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

How is InfluencerActive different from other marketing influencer platforms?

InfluencerActive is the most direct way to engage hyper networked business professionals to support your marketing goals. 

Our influencers have been asked to identify their expertise and interest areas to help you decide if they can help drive your marketing goals.

This effectively means that you can take a “self serve” approach to your influencer marketing:

  • Find the influencer that best matches with your needs using our category or location search engine
  • Active Influencers have set their own fees. Make your booking directly with an influencer, using a credit card or PayPal.
  • Use your InfluencerActive inbox to share your brief with your influencer directly.
How do you choose influencers for the platform?

Influencers apply to join directly. It is entirely voluntary. We carry out checks to validate the influencer’s profile and their standing and then help with onboarding onto the marketplace. We do encourage them to specify their area of expertise,

Will you offer influencers in more industries?

We continue to grow across multiple industries. We will grow to support the influencers we work with.

How often do you add new influencers?

Influencers are added to the InfluencerActive platform after applying and their application is assessed. Once approved an Influencer will have publishing rights to post their offering on the platform. We are adding new influencers every day.