How InfluencerActive works

InfluencerActive is the world’s most powerful influencer marketplace. We specialize in working with global business leaders with significant professional followings on social networks.

LinkedIn activations

Reach an already engaged audience

Our LinkedIn personalities will make a post, comment on or like your post. With an active follower base in the thousands or millions, our Active Influencers can deliver the targeted reach other platforms only dream about.

Live and virtual events

Recognizable faces bring your program to life

Chances are that your employees or customers already follow our Active Influencers. Book one of our LinkedIn personalities for a podcast, workshop or speaking event and watch your event come to life.

Browse through our network of Active Influencers.

Remember you can filter by industry and expertise to find the right fit for your business or promotional need.

Review our Active Influencer’s profile and approach.

When you feel like you have a match, simply click the Book button.

Enter your credit card details and any optional information to explain your needs. Your payment will be authorized and placed on hold until the job has been accepted by the Active Influencer.

You will be asked to upload campaign media and details.

If your request can be accommodated by our Active Influencer, your job will be accepted and scheduled.

They will contact you to let you know when the post is live. At this point your payment will be processed.

Note: In some instances your request may be declined for various reasons.